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Divided By Little Furrows

This textile collage painting titled Divided By Little Furrows, features an unusual and beautiful old wool textile patterned with small channels. The fabric was taken from an haute couture skirt  made in Barcelona circa 1940. I found the skirt in an antique mall and was instantly enamored with the green color and with the texture of the material. After doing some research, I now understand that Barcelona has a rich fashion history owing in part to an early 20th century prosperous textile industry. 

Together, In Love

From the very beginning of making art,  I have had a studio practice that includes making paintings while also making assemblage objects. This diptych, titled Together, In Love, has interesting elements and a sweet meaning behind the title. 

Created in 2019, this piece was originally designed as 2 pieces. The longer dark piece was a cardboard weaving experiment .  The antique canvas on the antique hook was a minimal version of a larger piece. One day in the studio I hung them side by side and right away understood that they were meant to be together. I ” married “them to each other. All of this occurred while I was going through a particularly nice moment in my own marriage. As many people in long term relationships will testify, falling in and out of love over and over is often a pattern. You can easily be together but not in love for periods of time. This work marks a sublime moment when I was finding myself, once again, in love with my husband. 

Workwear, a textile collage painting

This painting, titled Workwear, includes the bottom half of an old canvas work apron and a small remnant from an antique overshot coverlet. 

By uniting the two fabrics, I have fashioned a flag of independence. One that expresses the kind of freedom only experienced when one can rely on themselves to make or build what they need.

Workwear is a love letter to all things made by hand. It is a valentine to the beauty of imperfection and to the strength of our humanity. 

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