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Another object from the Dignity of Labor body of work

Showing here is another object from the Dignity of Labor series. This piece is made of vintage placemats that have been heavily painted and sewn together. It is meant to hang on the wall but it looks good on a stand as well. 

I have been working on this material specific body of work since May of 2021. ( the idea was born during a residency at The Hambidge Center) 

The Dignity of Labor

Currently I am working on a new series of material specific objects that share a similar repeated shape. By employing shape repetition as the basis for this body of work, I am creating a sense of aesthetic order. Within this predetermined framework, I am free to focus on material selections, color and texture. 

The working title for the new series: The Dignity of Labor

Showing here are objects made of repurposed leather. Most people think of leather as a material for crafts but I think it can also belong in the world of fine art. 

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