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Together, In Love

From the very beginning of making art,  I have had a studio practice that includes making paintings while also making assemblage objects. This diptych, titled Together, In Love, has interesting elements and a sweet meaning behind the title. 

Created in 2019, this piece was originally designed as 2 pieces. The longer dark piece was a cardboard weaving experiment .  The antique canvas on the antique hook was a minimal version of a larger piece. One day in the studio I hung them side by side and right away understood that they were meant to be together. I ” married “them to each other. All of this occurred while I was going through a particularly nice moment in my own marriage. As many people in long term relationships will testify, falling in and out of love over and over is often a pattern. You can easily be together but not in love for periods of time. This work marks a sublime moment when I was finding myself, once again, in love with my husband. 

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